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Accessing Khoury VDI through a browser


HTML Web Access

If the laptop or machine you are using is unable to install the Horizon Client software, you can instead use a browser to access a VDI desktop via HTML5. This method should work for any use case, but is not guaranteed to be the best experience, and the client should be used whenever possible. If you are using a Google Chromebook, you can install the client from the Android Play Store. Instructions for how to enable the Play Store can be found online for your version of Chromebook.

If you are using HTML to access a VDI desktop, go to and choose “VMware Horizon HTML Access” to be brought to the login screen. If you have a Khoury account, enter your Khoury username and password. Ensure “CCIS-WINDOWS” is selected for the third option (domain). If you do not have a Khoury account, enter your myNortheastern username and password, and ensure “NUNET” is selected for the third option.