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Installing VMware Horizon for Khoury VDI


Client Installation

To begin using the virtual environment, you need to have the VMware Horizon Client installed, or have access to the HTML version. The client is recommended for the fullest compatibility. To install the client, open a web browser, and go to:

Here, you will have two options, to install the Horizon client, or to open the HTML web access page. Choose Install VMware Horizon Client to be brought to the VMware website, with the available clients for download.

Choose the version for your machine, and follow the instructions. You will need to “Run as Administrator” on Windows to be able to install. If you are using a Google Chromebook, currently HTML is the preferred method for connecting (see below). The default settings should be sufficient to install properly. Once installed, open the application, and click on the New Server button in the top left corner. On the window that opens, add to your list of available servers.

Double click the new button for to create a popup concerning terms and conditions of use, and accept these conditions to continue. On the next popup, enter your Khoury username and password, if you have a Khoury account, and ensure CCIS-WINDOWS is selected for the domain. If you are in a class that does not require a Khoury username, enter your MyNEU username and password, and ensure NUNET is selected for the domain.