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Khoury GitHub


How to Sign-in to GitHub steps:

1. Go to the following link: The following page will appear in your current tab.

2. Enter valid Khoury Username and Password (uses the same credentials as

3. After logging in, you will arrive at the landing page where a list of items will be displayed.

I. The name of the organization

II. A list of repositories you have contributed to.

III. A list of repositories you have created

IV. The latest commits/changes made to any repository you being a participant

4. You can also create a new repository by clicking on the new repository button.

5. Enter the name of repository you want to create and type of repository i.e. public/private

6. You can also clone an existing repository into your local machine for modifications. Click a repository you want to make modifications. After clicking, you will arrive at the landing page of the repository, displaying the option as follows:

7. You can make changes to your local machine and push the changes to remote server using tools like Github Desktop/ Git Bash

8. For any queries, please contact Systems at