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Course Materials


Course materials can be easily placed on the web and access restricted to them in a manner of ways. We will be using the course cs1234 as an example throughout this document.

Course Directory

The first requirement for placing materials on the web is to have a course directory on our NFS server available from any of our managed Linux machines (e.g. These are located under /course/{semester} (example /course/cs1234f14/). If you need a course directory created, send an email to requesting that a directory be created. Be sure to let them know what course it is for.

General Public

In order to make files available to the general public a ".www" directory has to exist under the course directory. This can be accomplished by the command mkdir /course/cs1234f14/.www. Once this directory is created, any files placed there will be viewable on the web at If an "index.html" file doesn't exist, a directory listing will be displayed.

Other Notes

As soon as you create a ".www" directory, the contents will be viewable on the web. The official listings of undergraduate and graduate courses can be found on the Banner system by students and faculty. 

Subdirectories can be created under any of the directories above and will inherit the same access restrictions. 

Using symbolic links for directories is not recommended.