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Linux at Khoury


3.0 - Updated on 06/21/2021 by Denman, Jon

2.0 - Authored on 08/01/2019 by Frederick, Jon

Khoury Systems supports CentOS 7 for lab, faculty, and grad desktops/virtual machines.

Remote Access

Holders of valid Khoury accounts may connect to the following public machines using ssh:

    2. Any of the virtual Khoury Lab Linux machines which are hosted by Systems in West Village H. The host names are vdi-linux-[030-050] These machines are behind the NEU firewall and require the Northeastern VPN for remote access, or they can be accessed if connected to NUwave.
      1. Example:  ssh -A -t ssh -A

Local Access

Khoury Majors and students enrolled in Khoury courses may use our public lab in West Village H 102. Faculty, graduate students, and staff may have dedicated Linux machines on their desks.

login and back-end services

The shell server, as well as various other public, Khoury-facing, or back-end services (including our mail services, and Wiki services, and assorted behind-the-scenes programs needed to keep everything else functioning) are also built on Khoury Linux, either running directly on Dell server-class hardware, or as virtual machines atop Xen, VMware Infrastructure, or Microsoft Hyper-V, in turn running on similar server-class hardware.