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West Village H Sixpacks (Network Wall Ports)


This page describes the physical layout of network ports in West Village H. It is provided for your convenience in case you need to request a network change in your office (so that you can describe the port in question) or in case you are unsure where to connect a given computer.

Network sixpacks

Wired network access in West Village H is available via ports (in groups of six) which can be found in plastic faceplates along the walls. We call these groupings of six ports "sixpacks." A six pack looks like this:


Photograph of a network port "sixpack" in West Village H

Naming Convention

The ports are named as follows:

[A]   [B] 
[C]   [D]
[E]   [F]

eg: The bottom-rightmost port in the ninth sixpack in room 102 of building West Village H would be identified as 102-WVH-9F, and the upper-leftmost port in the first sixpack in room 400 of building West Village H would be identified as 400-WVH-1A. The sixpack label (everything but the port letter) always appears at the top of the sixpack. The individual ports are not labeled.

Use Convention

In a standard sixpack, each port has an assigned role:

Using ports and Requesting a port change

Unused ports will be turned off by default and will require a request to be turned on.

Please contact systems,, with any port change requests. Please include:

Outside West Village H, Network Quads

The naming conventions for network quads are slightly different than the six-packs in West Village H.

Here is the naming convention for them:

[A]   [C] 
[B]   [D]