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Remote Desktop


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Remote Desktop Access at Khoury College
NOTE: If connecting from off campus, you must connect to the VPN first. Here are the guides for 'Remote Access/VPN'

Windows - Remote Desktop

Faculty, Staff, and Grad Students have access to their own machines in the building from the outside via Remote Desktop. On Windows, Click Start > Type "Remote Desktop" into the search bar > hit Enter

Configuring the Hostname

When you run it, it will prompt you for the computer name to connect to. This is usually found on the label on the outside of the physical machine you'll be connecting to. If that label is not present anymore, click Start > Run and type in cmd. Once the window has popped up type hostname to get the name of your PC. You will set the computer name as <hostname> where <hostname> is the machine name.

Additional Options

You can click on the Show Options button in the bottom left corner of the client to set additional options. If you are on a slower connection you will want to play with the Display and Experience tabs. You can give your remote machine access to your local resources by using the Local Resources tab. Shown above is the settings for Local drive access. Configuring the C drive to be shared would make it available to the user as "\tsclientc$" on the remote machine.


Go back to the main screen and click connect when ready. It will prompt you for your Khoury Account credentials (the CCIS-WINDOWS domain). NOTE: Logging in without prepending CCIS-WINDOWS may work, but results can vary depending on what network/VPN you are on.

Mac - Microsoft Remote Desktop

If using a University/College managed machine, the app can be installed via Self Service or Managed Software Center, both found in the applications folder.

Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop. You can spotlight search using the keyboard shortcut cmd+spacebar or click the magnifying glass in the top right of the menu bar

Click the + to add a new desktop profile to connect to

Add the name of your desktop to PC Name:

The name will be the on the label of your desktop followed by

Input your username as CCIS-WINDOWS\[khoury_username] replacing [khoury_username] with your Khoury Username and click Save

Double click the desktop to connect

Additional Information

Using Remote Desktop, you can access all of your files and applications from home. When you are finished using it, close the client instead of logging out and your session will be available for you to resume again later, either remotely or physically at the machine. More information on Local File Access can be found here