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Using Software Center to Install Optional Packages


This will serve as a short guide on the process of installing optional packages on your Systems Managed Windows Desktop. Launch Software Center by hitting Start (or your Windows Key) and typing Software Center into the search bar. Click on Software Center to launch it.

Launching Software Center

Once Software Center has launched, select combo box next to SHOW as noted in the picture and select Applications to filter the view to just applications.

Filtering applications

Select the optional application that you want to install, in this case Google Chrome, and select Install.

Installing Applications

The installation may take a few minutes, and will list the status as Installed when complete. At this point you will now find a shortcut on your in your Start Menu, and depending on the application there may be one on the Desktop as well. You can always right-click the shortcut and Pin it to other locations should you want to put it on your Desktop as well. You should now be able to launch your program. As always, please send any questions or concerns to systems@ccs.