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Remote Access to Windows Machines



Students should utilize Northeastern's myApps for Windows to access a Windows machine from off campus. Information on how to use their service can be found here: myApps

Faculty, Staff, TAs, and RAs

If you have a systems managed Windows machine at your desk, then you already have access to a machine that you can connect to for remote desktop. If you require access to our Windows machines remotely but don't have a Windows machine at your desk, you will need to request one from us. Please note however that RA machines are provided by the faculty member that they are working for. The hostname to use for connecting using Remote desktop can be found on a white label attached to the front of your machine.  For example: if the label says EXAMPLE then the hostname that you will connect to is  For username, you will use: CCIS-WINDOWS\username where username is your Khoury account. If you have a machine on your desk that you cannot connect to and you believe that you should have access, please contact systems.