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Information for New Staff Members


Hello and Welcome to the College of Computer and Information Science! Khoury has infrastructure in place that is separate from the Central University so there are a few things that you need to know in order to access our resources.


Khoury Account

Your Khoury account is used as a mail forward from your email address to your email address, log into the Windows machine on your desk, and access Khoury resources (including Windows shares). You can request a Khoury account by visiting and following the instructions to create a staff account. Your Khoury account should be used when prompted for credentials when accessing resources on either or CCIS-WINDOWS and can be used in the following manner: Login: CCIS-WINDOWS<Khouryusername> Password: Khoury Password

NUNET Account

This account is used to access and Northeastern Resources. This account should be given to you during your orientation session. When prompted to access resources on NEU, which will usually be indicated by a login prompt for either NUNET or, make sure you use: Login: NUNET<myneuaccountname> Password: MYNEU password If you do not have a NUNET account yet, visit this page:


This is your Northeastern Email address, it is not used to log into machines. In all cases you will need to log into NEU resources using your MYNEU account name.

Your Desktop

You will be given a standard Windows Desktop running Windows 7. This machine is managed by Khoury Systems and does not allow for local program installation. This is both to protect your account, and to protect any sensitive data that may reside on the machine. To log into the machine, use your Khoury account name and password. Any files saved to your Desktop and My Documents folders are backed up regularly and will be available on any computer that you log into. Important: Each group has their own share located on the N: drive which may be available for your use. Please consult with the other staff members in your group for information on these shares. Please have the owner of the share within your group send email to to request share access for your account. Your printers should automatically be mapped to the closest printer in proximity to you.

Remote Access to Your Machine

Your machine can be remotely accessed from home using Remote Desktop. This is available on both Windows (Start > Accessories > Remote Desktop) or on OSX by visiting Remotely connecting to your computer from home and outside of campus now requires the installation and running of Northeastern's VPN client. More information on how to install and use the VPN client can be found here: Northeastern VPN There should be a white label on the front of your machine, this is considered your hostname: hostname Open Remote Desktop and put in <hostname> For the username use CCIS-WINDOWS<Khouryusername> : rdp-1 Click on the Local Resources Tab. Under local Resources, check off the clipboard box to share copy and paste between your local machine and your work machine: rdp-2 Click on the "More" button. Check off any drives that you want to share with your remote desktop connection. This will let you transfer files from your work machine to your local desktop: rdp-3 Click Ok. Click Connect to connect to your work machine.

Outlook Setup for your NEU Email

Launch Outlook: outlook-1 Click Next. Make Sure Yes is Selected and Click Next. For Email Address, use your email address, usually firstinitial.lastname, and enter your MYNEU password: outlook-2 Click Next. When prompted to log in, use <myneuaccount>>, where <myneuaccount> is the account that you log into MYNEU with, your MYNEU password, and make sure that "Remember my credentials is checked off": outlook-3 Click OK. Click on Finish and you should be all set: outlook-4

Microsoft Lync

Lync is the instant messaging client that can be used as a medium to interact with your colleagues. The service is hosted by central IS and utilizes the same credentials that Outlook does. To use Lync: Launch Lync from the Start Menu: 1-launch Use your email address as your Sign-in address and hit Sign In: 2-login Enter your MyNeu/NUNET password and hit Sign in, hit No when prompted to save your information: 3-password Click OK to close the message about being unable to sign in: 5-cant-sign-in For the User name field, use NUNET<myneuaccount>, where <myneuaccount> is the account that you log into MYNEU with, and put your MYNEU password into the Password field. Click Sign In: 6-nunet-username Click Yes to save your password when prompted: 7-save-pass You should now be logged into Lync!


Wireless access at the college is handled by Central IS and uses your MYNEU account to access it. The following networks are available depending on your campus location: NUWAVE NUWAVE-Guest (should never use this) When you are in West Village H, please use NUWAVE to connect. This will prompt you for your MYNEU credentials once, then never ask you again.

Other Access


For existing spaces, the space owner will need to give you permission to view/edit the space. Please talk to the owner of the wiki space within your group for access. For a new wiki space, send mail to


For permission to access Sharepoint, or to create a new Sharepoint library, send mail to For any other Sharepoint issues, contact xHELP.


Contact xHELP.


Uses your NEU email address as the login. Contact xHELP to inquire about access to PlacePro itself.

Useful Links

Homepage: Howto: Wiki: MYNEU: Outlook Webmail: NEU Helpdesk:


We have a small knowledgebase set up at that should be referenced first if you have any questions. If you have any issues with your email address, or MYNEU, please call xHELP. For any other issues, please email with as much information on the problem as possible. This is a support tracker that will reach all of our staff here.

Once again, welcome to the College and I hope that this information has helped! - Christopher Noyes (Khoury Systems)