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Requesting a VM


Here at Khoury College, we offer a centralized virtualization platform built on VMware which supports Linux and Windows guests.  This virtualization environment is available to faculty and instructors who are teaching classes and require dedicated servers for class use, or a teaching environment for students.  The following operating systems are officially supported on ESXi servers:

In most cases Systems has a copy of the OS, however additional licensing may be required.  Please note that we adhere to vendor EOLs and will not offer software outside of their lifetime unless there is a specific need.

How big of a VM do I need?

Each OS requires different amounts of disk and ram to function adequately. Too little and the system will become unusable, too much wastes resources. Unlike physical hardware, with virtual hardware this is no longer a problem. By creating the VM at a reasonable minimum size and adding resources as needed we can ensure your VM will operate at peak performance and efficiency.

 Once you decide on what type and size of VM you need, please email systems to discuss your requirements further and provide the following information:

 As a final note, Systems is responsible for the infrastructure and hosting of the VM.  Outside of specific situations where we may be able to offer a hybrid managed VM solution, in most cases you will be responsible for the building, configuration, and maintenance of any VMs that you request.