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Accessing Your Virtual Machine


2.0 - Updated on 06/18/2021 by Adams, Alison

1.0 - Authored on 01/09/2017 by Frederick, Jon

Using the VMware vSphere Client

This client is a MS Windows only client. If you are using another operating system you can log into the web interface which provides most of the same functionality.

VMware provides a graphical client that allows you to start, stop, and modify the virtual machine. While there is a console available, it is very resource intensive; this client is NOT designed to provide remote access to your vm on a routine basis. It is assumed you will configure your vm to allow remote access ( SSH, VNC, RDP, &c.)

Install the VMware vSphere client

If you are using a systems supported Windows computer the VMware vSphere Client is already installed.

  1. open a web browser from any windows machine
  2. go to
  3. download the VMware vSphere Client
  4. install the client

Launch the web client

vSphereClient GUI



To log in, type in the "IP Address/Name" box: User name and password are your normal Khoury Account credentials.

This will open up the VMware interface, from this interface you can set up and interact with your virtual machine.