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Cancelling your Print Job


These steps will show you how to remove a print job using the Cups Web Interface. Faculty members have the ability to cancel all jobs, Proctors can cancel all Lab jobs, and Users can cancel their own jobs. I am using the Google Chrome browser for this example, but this can be done in other browsers as well.

Opening up the Cups Web Interface


Open up your browser and connect to . When prompted about the certificate warning, click proceed anyway (this option will differ by browser).

The Cups Web Interface


From the interface, click on the printers tab.

Selecting the Printer


Type in the name of the printer that you want to cancel a job from and click search.

Showing the Jobs on the Printer


Click the name of the printer to bring up the list of print jobs.

Cancelling the Print Job


Click the Cancel Job button to cancel the job.

Authenticating to the Cups Server


The Cups Server will prompt you for your Khoury username and password. This will check your group and determine whether or not you have the permission to cancel the job.

Job has been Cancelled


If the server has determined that you have the permission to cancel the job, it will confirm the cancellation.