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Mail aliases and Mailman lists


3.0 - Updated on 06/18/2021 by Grob, Alexander

2.0 - Authored on 07/23/2019 by Frederick, Jon

We have two ways to provide mailing lists here at Khoury College: mail aliases and mailman lists

Mail Aliases

Mail aliases are for when you need a simple list of addresses to send mail to at the College. They are very simple. When mail gets sent to aliasname(at) it is resent to all of the users on that list. There is no special filtering (anyone can send to an alias), self-subscription, or other features associated with a mail alias. When you request a mail alias, we create a file for you in the /net/aliases directory on our Linux machines with the name of the alias as the file name.

To manage your Mail Alias:

  1. SSH to connect to a Khoury Linux machine (e.g.  We have SSH clients on all Khoury Windows machines. OSX ships with ssh (you run it from the Terminal), most modern Linux distributions either ship with it installed or make it easy to install.
  2. Type cd  /net/aliases  {hit return / enter}
  3. You can then edit this file using any standard text editor (such as nano or vim). 
  4. Add users, one address per line.
    1. Format: First-name last-name <email address> (please include the <> and a space between each item) 
    2. Note: If this is a list of items, they should have a comma at the end of each line except the last line

Two related details:

  1. There are some small aliases maintained by Systems (e.g. gradschool) that don't appear in /net/aliases. If there is an alias you don't see there but know it exists, feel free to ask
  2. Please do not assume that if you see an alias in /net/aliases that it automatically is available for mailing users. An example of this is majors(at) and grads(at) Both are special aliases that take their data from files in this directory but actually do the sending via our list server. If there's any question, please feel free to ask

Mailman Lists

Found at

We also run a full-bore mailing list manager package called Mailman for situations where a more sophisticated mailing list is necessary. For example, a mailman list can restrict who can send to that list. It can also be configured to provide self-service subscribe and unsubscribe services and archiving for a mailing list.

If you aren't currently on one of the '' mailing lists and believe you should be, please contact Operations at as they manage the membership for these lists.

If you have any questions about aliases or lists and how they work, please contact us at