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NEU MyFiles WebDAV Access


This KB Article describes how to connect to your NEU MyFiles folder from Linux, Windows, and Mac workstations.

Ubuntu Desktop

Log into the linux machine and click the Places menu from the top left. Select the Connect to Server option.

From the combo box, select Secure WebDAV (HTTPS) as the service type and enter the following information:

Where [NEU_USERNAME] is your username.

Leave everything else blank, and click Connect. It will prompt you for your NEU username and password and will connect.

Windows 7

Click the Windows Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and click on Computer.

When the explorer window opens, click on Map network drive on the top right.

Select a drive letter and use[NEU_USERNAME] as the folder name where [NEU_USERNAME] is your username.

Click on Connect using different credentials and click Finish.

It will prompt you for your NEU Credentials and once you put them in it will mount the folder.


From the Desktop, click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server... from the drop-down list.

Put in[NEU_USERNAME] where [NEU_USERNAME] is your username and click Connect.